Nick Shows His Solidarity at Amber Roses’ Inaugural SlutWalk

OnSaturday (October 3rd) hundreds of women, men, transgenders took over Downtown L.A.’s Pershing Square for a walk with one message: “Slut Shaming Has To End”.

This walk was led by a woman who is no stranger to being called this and a myriad of other derogatory names aimed at women: Amber Rose.
This was her inaugural SlutWalk. The concept of the SlutWalk started in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario but has spread across the nation all in efforts to end rape culture and victim shaming.

Ambers’ walk sparked a firestorm of debate some supportive of the movement in it’s entirety and other supportive but questioning the name (without knowing the history behind it) and those completely oblivious of what it’s about and throwing out slander further proving the point and necessity of the movement and Ambers’ walk.

The walk was put together via Amber’s non-profit organization The Amber Rose Foundation. Hundred and thousands of her fans or Rosebuds as she calls them as well as general supporters and celebrity ones donated to get the walk off the ground via a GoFundMe page that was set up.

One of those celebrity supporters was Amber’s good friend and manager, Nick who donated money to the walk and turned up to show his support the day off.

Nick talked with B*Real’s Amanda Seales on why he supported Amber’s vision.