4 Count

Throughout music history there has been a significant influence from boy bands. Starting with the British Invasion and The Beatles, continuing to Motown with the Jackson 5, and spanning into the 80’s and 90’s with groups like New Edition, N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys, the boy band image will now be reinvented and taken to new heights with Ncredible Entertainment’s newest group 4Count. Since their inception 4Count has progressively been building toward bigger and better things.

Their debut single, “Good to be Bad” mixes Pop and R&B with slick wordplay and hip-hop dance in their video. Their appearance on “America’s Got Talent” with rap duo, New Boyz was met with rave reviews. With good looks and even greater talent, 4Count is ready to become music’s next biggest stars. Their natural-born knacks for singing and dancing will not only extend the timeline of their talented predecessors, but will change the face of Pop music as we know it.

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